The Get Smart Team
Justin Timmons & Sabrina Wickham

JT$ Presents: Monday Minute Real Estate Raps by 28 Customers Edition – “Get Pre-qualified”

28 past customers came together to make a very memorable video, at least for The Get Smart Team, and show that you can have fun even when making one of the largest purchases you’ll ever make.  They say life is short and you must make the most out of the time you have.  With the average video lasting about 4 seconds I think everyone of the below accomplished that.
1. Duval Am-Ham
2. The Insurance Guru (No Rap name yet)
3. Momma Keezy
4. Northside Mable
5. King AV
6. Emo Gee
8. San Marco Da’ Legro’s
9. Regginator
10. Hungover
11. Peppa’ Shaka’
12. Simply C&E
13. Rapcox & AK
14. Magic Man
15. MC Muttly
16. Beast From the Middle East
17. Dub-Club
18. Big Jimmy the 4th
19, DJ Scrizo
20. Ridiculous Nicholas
21. Mrs. Betterhalf
22. Fire Water
23. Sir CP Force AKA Jiggy Tripp & Peyton Price AKA PP Bling
24. No Show Crumb Gets JibJabbed
25. Crider Flow Rider
26. White Mamba
27. Lil’ J
28. The Mrs. & DJ Lemx
29. JT$
“Get Pre-qualified”
You need to get pre-qualified befo’ you start lookin’ at homes//
You need to get pre-qualified otherwise all you’ll know is what yo’ wish fo’//
You need to get pre-qualified befo’ you start lookin’ at homes//
You need to get pre-qualified, call JT$, a true Professional//
All you have to do is get a lender on the line//
You use to be the fish, but you are the bait this time//
You can have your pick, make sure you get dem’ quotes//
If you ask me who that is, recommend John Golio//
Credits and debits show what-cho prequalified fo’//
Higher the credit sco’, just means that you can buy mo’//
First time home buya’s look us up online//
Learn about The Florida Bond, the song where my mom rhymes//
I can open up many doors for you//
Not to mention I unlock lock boxes too//
Educatin’s great, but experience takes the cake//
You can learn to read a book, but to know you gotta’ taste//
And luckily for you, I’m known Real Estate//
JT$’s paid his dues, you know I’m Duvaalllll made//
Those who say I’m rude, this asphalt paved the way//
I’ve cleared the path for you, it’s a breeze to closing day//
You can see my fame grow like Pinocchio//
It’s true, I got proof, just check out my nose//
I got a lot to say, but I can do more when I listen//
Not known for Cruise control like Ethan Hunt is on a mission//
Impossible it isn’t when you live with no limits//
I use to hear the critics now all I hear is crickets//
People take what haters say to motivate, but I’ll give it//
My all, my way till the day that death visits//