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Justin Timmons & Sabrina Wickham


Plans are now in the works to transform the Doro District located at the corner of Bay Street and A Phillip Randolph.  The developers want to create an epicenter for culinary, cultural and artistic creativity.

Jacksonville is all about developing a successful downtown.  Since we have had the new owner for the Jaguars Shadid Kuan who has changed Everbank Field over the years drastically and just won the bid for the shipyards development, all kinds of change is happening.  Seems like everytime I put on the local news something else is being developed in our beautiful riverfront downtown district.  Along with the new amphitheater and Intuition Ale works there are now plans to build a bowling alley and entertainment venue in the area.

There is a great opportunity finally to have downtown Jacksonville become the go to place for all of our entertainment.  We are a Metropolitan City with the perfect Riverfront backdrop.

Posted on May 16, 2017 at 12:25 pm by Justin Timmons & Sabrina Wickham

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